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Ginette Haak

ageLOC® Dermatic Effects Body Firming Cream

ageLOC® Dermatic Effects Body Firming Cream

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Unleash your skin's youthful radiance with ageLOC Dermatic Effects! This daily contouring moisturizer is your secret weapon to smooth, firm, and radiant-looking skin. Say goodbye to the visible signs of aging and hello to a more youthful complexion that's sure to turn heads.

Fulfilled by Ginette Haak in partnership with Nu Skin.

ageLOC: The ultimate anti-aging superhero! Our ageLOC technology targets the very sources of aging, preserving your youthful appearance and reducing the visible signs of aging. Embrace a timeless beauty that defies time!

Bye-bye, fat and cellulite: Smoothness is the name of the game! Our Dermatic Effects helps minimize the appearance of fat and cellulite, revealing a smoother and more sculpted look. Say hello to beautifully contoured skin!

Firmness for a youthful glow: Firmness equals youthfulness! Experience the transformation as our moisturizer improves the appearance of skin's firmness, giving you a more youthful and rejuvenated look. Embrace the power of a lifted and toned complexion!

Radiant texture, naturally: Let your skin's radiance shine through! Our Dermatic Effects promotes skin cell turnover, allowing your skin's natural texture and radiance to emerge. Say hello to a beautifully luminous complexion that's impossible to ignore.

Optical magic for instant results: Prepare to be amazed! Our advanced optical technology instantly diffuses light, smoothing the look of your skin and enhancing its surface appearance. Enjoy instant gratification as your skin appears smoother and more refined.

Hydration for the win: Moisturize and conquer! Our Dermatic Effects deeply hydrates your skin, helping it stay supple and smooth. Embrace a complexion that's plump with hydration and exudes a healthy glow.

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