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Ginette Haak

Nutricentials Pillow Glow Sleeping Mask

Nutricentials Pillow Glow Sleeping Mask

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Unveil your radiant beauty with the playful Pillow Glow Sleeping Mask! This moisture-recharging gel-cream mask is your ticket to intense hydration that lasts all night long. Simply apply before bed and let it work its magic, supporting your skin's natural moisture barrier while you catch those Z's. Wake up to skin that's glowing, radiant, and a whopping 150% more hydrated!

Fulfilled by Ginette Haak in partnership with Nu Skin.

Bioadaptive botanicals to the rescue: Meet the adaptogens of skincare! Our mask is packed with bioadaptive botanicals, also known as adaptogens, that help your skin adapt to its environment and bounce back from stressors and free radicals. This plant-based formula is here to calm and soothe your skin, giving it the love and care it deserves.

Cleanse with confidence: We believe in worry-free skincare. Each product in this regimen is infused with natural, clean ingredients like Rhodiola, Maral Root, Siberian Ginseng, Chaga Mushroom, and Resurrection Plant. Feel good about what you're putting on your skin and revel in the joy of a clean beauty routine.

24-hour hydration extravaganza: Our water-based sleeping mask provides an instant surge of hydration and keeps the moisture party going for a full 24 hours. Say hello to a complexion that feels quenched and plump, no matter what the day brings.

Get ready for dramatic results: In a third-party study, participants experienced a whopping 150% increase in moisture overnight and a staggering 207% boost in immediate hydration with just one application. This luxurious mask is a true glow-getter, leaving your skin brighter, healthier, and radiating with luminosity the next morning.

Say goodbye to fatigue: Pillow Glow works its magic to reduce signs of fatigue, giving your skin a well-rested and refreshed appearance. Bid adieu to those pesky pores as this mask minimizes their appearance and supports your skin's natural moisture barrier, replenishing and retaining moisture. Let it rejuvenate your skin with its hydrating powers, replenishing the essential minerals that are depleted throughout the day.

Easy-peasy application: No need for fancy applicators or complicated steps. Simply use it like you would a regular moisturizer and enjoy the hassle-free experience. It's skincare made simple!

Packaging that cares for the planet: We're all about sustainable beauty! Our Pillow Glow jars are 100% recyclable. Please check your local capabilities and do your part by recycling the jar where possible. Let's take care of our planet while we take care of our skin!

Unleash your stunning glow with the delightful Pillow Glow Sleeping Mask. Experience the power of intense hydration, rejuvenation, and worry-free ingredients as you revel in the beauty of a fresh and radiant complexion. It's time to glow and let your beauty shine, night after night!

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